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The Three Hosts of Wilsnack sign exists today in enormous numbers; the only shrine to rival it in surviving examples of souvenirs is Canterbury. Pilgrims would have bought one of these when visiting Wilsnack, the site of a famous miracle in 1383: after the church burned, three hosts (communion wafers) were found unharmed on the altar. The cult ended in 1522, when a bad-tempered Protestant burned the relics. This sign is meant to be sewn onto a garment; there is no pin for attaching it. Following information in a contemporary painting about the original appearance of these badges, we have added red paint to each of them, a drop on each 'wafer' to commemorate the miracle.

P-7 Three Hosts of Wilsnack $3.00
1-3/8 x 1-1/4" or 35 x 32mm
* van Beuningen, no. 130-137