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You can't see this on a screen of normal size at 2X, so we just drew the sword for you!

The Sword that Killed Becket had (and has) its own altar in Canterbury. Our sign is copied from numerous examples. Although the murder took place in 1170, the sword is a 14th or early 15th century one, with a ring-shaped pommel characteristic of the Irish medieval sword. Together with the beast-heads on the cross (if they are taken to be bear heads), this may point to the popular belief that it was the Irishman Reginald Fitz Urse who struck the fatal blow.

You can see that there are small voids in the casting of the sheath. These are ubiquitous in the original examples as well. There is something about the flow of the metal into this long thin cored mold that traps air and produces these little bubbles. We regret that they cannot be avoided.

P-11 Sword that Killed Becket $15.00
5-1/4 x 1-3/8" or 135 x 35mm
# Pilgrim Souvenirs, no. 55-70; Mitchiner, no. 124-5;
Spencer, LMAS